About Us


Interactive Sessions

We believe in working with smaller learning groups, wherein we can add more value to the learning process of each student, and pay attention to details.


Real-time Learning

The work is real, and so is the learning. We work on live projects, you can get your own projects and we can teach you how to set them up, a great way up for students.


Go-to Market Strategy

Supported by genuine internships our learners, built a portfolio that makes them ready for the industry. This adds value to their workmanship and build credibility.

To ‘learn’ or to ‘earn’?

Up-grade your skills and up-scale your professional aspirations!

The digital media is a revolutionary space; ever-changing and full of new challenges. The task of a digital marketer is to up-scale and up-grade his/her skills from time-to-time. Not only this, but learning about new avenues, and exploring new opportunities, is what marks the career graph of any student or professional looking for a turn around.

At Digital Ozone Academy, we aim to retain the freshness associated with learning and meagre it with the competitiveness of the professional environment to create customised learning programs, that inter weave academia with workspace skills.